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Spain eliminates sales tax on olive oil to help consumers cope with skyrocketing prices – Monomaxos

MADRID (AP) — Spain will temporarily eliminate the sales tax on olive oil to help consumers cope with high prices, the government said Tuesday.

Spain is the world’s leading producer and exporter of olive oil, but its cost to domestic consumers has increased dramatically due to global inflationary pressures and a prolonged drought that decimated supplies. Prices have also skyrocketed other Mediterranean countries.

The price of olive oil has increased by 272% since September 2020, according to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. A five-liter bottle of olive oil can cost more than 50 euros ($53) in a Spanish supermarket.

The Spanish use olive oil to cook and garnish sandwiches, salads, vegetables and other dishes. Last year, Spanish households consumed an average of 6 liters per person, compared to 0.4 liters for international consumers, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. But rising prices have caused some to opt for cheaper cooking oils.

The government had already reduced the sales tax on olive oil from 10% to 5% as part of an anti-inflationary package.

No sales tax will be applied to olive oil from July to September, when it will be taxed at 2% until the end of the year. From then on, it will be taxed at 4% and will be considered a basic food.

Spanish Finance Minister María Jesús Montero said the decision reflects “the importance of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet and a healthy lifestyle.”

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